Rumors in Stagholm

A tribe of violent lizardfolk led by a lizard king who talks to the spirits of his dead ancestors dwells deep in the southern swamps.

The Swamp Witch is friendly enough if you call out to her before you enter her yard – those foolish enough to trespass end up working for her as scarecrows or worse!

A green dragon lives in the Narlmarches and eats anyone who crosses its path.

A brutish hill giant has been seen wandering the southern Kamelands. Give him a wide berth (or a stiff drink), and he’ll leave you alone.

There’s an old ruin to the west built by the elves long ago. Some say it’s full of treasure, but others say it’s haunted by angry spirits and worse.

The old tower on the island in Candlemere marks a place where the boundary between this world and another has rasped thin—and is now guarded by some sort of deadly monster.

Rumors in Stagholm

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