Greenbelt Map


Greenbelt hex map

A5-A7: South Rostland Road – Plains

B1: Burial Cairn – Plains (Explored) B2: Empty – Plains (Explored) B3: Trap-filled Forest – Forest (Explored) B4: Empty – Plains (Explored) B5: Oleg’s Trading Post Plains (Explored) Landmark B6: Bokken’s Hut – Plains (Explored) B7: Empty – Plains (Explored)
C1: Empty – Plains (Explored) C2: Empty – Plains (Explored) C3: Dead Trapper – Forest (Explored) C4: Perlivash & Tyg-Twitter-Tut Forest (Explored) C5: Radish Patch – Forest (Explored) C6: Spider’s Next – Plains (Explored) C7: Empty – Plains (Explored)
D1: Empty – Plains (Explored) D2: Frog Pond – Forest (Explored) D3: Temple of the Elk Forest (Explored) D4: Bandit camp Forest (Explored) D5: Cave w/unknown mineral – Hills (Explored) D6: Forgotten cache – Hills (Explored) D7: Empty – Plains (Explored)
E1: Empty – Forest (Explored) E2: Statue of Erastil – Forest (Explored) E3:* Boggard Lair (Garuum) – Forest (Explored) E4: Tuskgutter Lair – Forest (Explored) E5: Rickety bridge – Hills (Explored) Landmark E6: Old Sycamore Tree – Hills (Explored) Landmark E7: Nettle’s Crossing Hills Landmark
F1: Dead Unicorn – Forest (Explored) F2: Tatzlwyrm Lair Forest (Explored) F3: Trapped Thylacine – Forest (Explored) F4: Fangberry Thicket – Hills (Explored) F5: River Crossing – Hills (Explored) F6: Sootscale Cavern Hills (Explored) F7: Empty – Hills
G1: Unexplored G2: Unexplored G3: Unexplored G4: Unexplored G5: Stag Lord Fort Hills (Explored) Landmark G6: Unexplored G7: Unexplored

Hexes which have been explored will be noted as (Explored). Hexes are 12 miles across, representing ~150 square miles. Time to cross a hex by horseback = 3 hours (plains) or 5 hours (other terrain); time to cross a hex on foot = 5 hours (plains) or 8 hours (other). Time to explore a hex on horseback = 1 day (all terrain); time to explore a hex on foot = 1 day (plains), 2 days (forest or hill), or 3 days (mountain or swamp). Exploring a hex earns 50 XP.

Greenbelt blank hex map

Greenbelt Map

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