Yuri Surtova

Harlequin necromancer [Matthew] - deceased


4th level Necromancer
ST 8
Dx 14
Co 14
In 18
Wi 10
Ch 14
Opposition Schools: Evocation, Enchantment
Feats: Spell Focus/Greater Spell Focus – Necromancy, Varisian Tattoos – Necromancy
Languages – common (taldane), draconic, varisian, ancient osiriani, azlanti, thassilonian, jistka, goblin
Spell List:
O: acid splash, arcane mark, bleed, detect magic, detect poison, disrupt undead, ghost sound, mage hand, mending, message, light, open/close, prestidigitation, read magic, resistance, spark, touch of fatigue

1: cause fear, mage armor, prot from c/g/e/l, ray of enfeeblement, sculpt corpse, shield, silent image, touch gracelessness, unseen servant, identify

2: acid arrow, command undead, false life, invisibility, minor image, mirror image


Yuri is the illegitimate daughter of Raster Surtova, a noble of Brevoy. She was raised in Korvosa by her Varisian mother Milla and like most Varisians, she has led a nomadic life, travelling by vardo (wagon) throughout northern Golarion. Trained from a young age, she is very talented in puppetry and practices the various crafts assocciated with it such as costume and prop making.

Like many other Varisians, Yuri dresses flamboyantly when not directly on the road. Appearing in motley with green hair and pale skin, she seems a storybook harlequin come to life. This seeming is compounded by her carefree and laughing manner, leading many to suspect she is always performing. Considering her natural talents for the art of necromancy, many find her quite disturbing.

Yuri’s interest in magic began at a young age and she studied under her tribe’s charivnýk (sorcerer) during childhood. A descendent of Lord Volshyenek Ornelos, a Chellaxian vampire still remembered in Korvosa today, this taint inclined his magic toward the dark arts and necromancy. Though unable to match her teacher’s tainted blood, her quick mind and boundless enthusiasm soon moved her past the simple enchantments and glammers of the stage and into true magic.

At fifteen, Yuri decided against the annual marriage festival between tribes and instead chose to apprentice herself to the Darklight Sisterhood, introduced to her by her mentor. As a nomadic Varisian, and only half at that, Yuri owns few nationalistic sentiments. The Chelaxian Sisterhood teaches her all that whe wants to know while keeping her comfortable, well fed and relatively safe.

For the next two years, Yuri would study in Chelliax at the sisterhood’s main monastary. Quick to make friends, Yuri’s decidedly anti-villianous demeanor almost ruined an entire class’s worth of recruits. Despite seeming perfect piety and genuine enthusiasm toward the finer arts of preparing bodies, maintaining corpses and animating the dead, Yuri made her superiors extremely uncomfortable. Hugely popular and always looking at the bright side of everything, Yuri organized a school fair with castoff items the sisters had taken from their victims.

Afraid to harm so obvious an asset to their mistress’s cause, the sisters decide to advance Yuri through early graduation. Seeing her Brevoy blood as an asset, she was assigned to a small cell in Restov. There, she was introduced to an adventuring company setting out to establish a foothold in the Stolen Lands where it was hoped that she would either succeed and further the goddess’s plans, or expire quietly out of view an any chance of blame being traced back.

Yuri is genuinely likable and but not a fool. She knows that many others do not approve of her studies and so while she does not hide her allegiences, she does not flaunt them either. She is considerate of the feelings of others on the matter and so avoids discussing her studies in public.

She truly does worship Urgothoa, but her piety is more in the form of reverence for an older sider or treasured friend. Fully aware of the darker aspects of Urgothoa’s purview, she chooses not to dwell on them, stating that everyone has their good and bad sides. She is not particularly devoted to the Darklight Sisterhood though bears them no ill-will, genuinely believing that she has been sent on an important mission.

Yuri Surtova

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