Vladimir Suvorov

Seasoned warrior type that travels light. [Gene]


Level – 8 Ranger (Skirmisher)
AC 22 (24 when hexed and 25 when hexed and Shielded Other…like’s the buff spells)
HP 75
+2 Greatsword, Fey Bane and a Composite Bow +2 Str
Saves, not very good and even worse because I roll them
Animal Companion – Leopard named Katcha (5 HD)
War Trained Horse with a military saddle.
General with no Charisma bonus, need to fix this situation before mass combat begins or we will lose our battles…can you say headband or charisma. I’ll be ordering one as soon as I have the cash.


Originally from Restov, Vladimir wandered the wild areas of the kingdom in search of a place to call home. He made friends with Pandora during his ventures and was persuaded to return to Restov to answer the call to “civilize” the Green belt. Where he went and what he did before joining the group is information that he keeps to himself but it is evident that he has seen combat before.

Vladimir Suvorov

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