Human rogue and Duchess [Deke] - deceased


5’3" Black Hair Grey Eyes, dresses in fine clothes over leather armor

Rogue 1

ST 10
DEX 18
CON 12
INT 12
WIS 11
CHA 14

HP 9
AC 16

Shortsword and dagger, Shortbow

Traits: Dirty Fighter and Nobility +Diplomacy
Feats; Persuasive and Skill Focus [Diplomacy]


Beatrice (AKA Trixie) got through her childhood based on her friendship with Sarafina (daughter of a lesser noble north of Restov.) Often inseparable, the girls had an idyllic childhood that lead to a troubled adolescence, where Sarafina pushed Beatrice into more and more foolish dares. In time Sarafina grew up into an attractive young girl with a not so attractive dowry.

Belware the Bold (a name eared in battle nearly 30 years ago) was the local earl who in his advanced age and declining mental health was desperate for a male heir. Over the past 15 years Belware had been married many times to an assortment of wives who failed to produce a male heir and subsequently suffered a tragic accidental death. Once she turned 18 Sarafina attracted Belware’s attention, greedy family members were bribed, and a hasty marriage arranged. The result was that Sarafina and her “maid attendant” Beatrice left their local town and arrived in Belware’s castle.

Belware’s mean temper and failing memory were only made worse by his daily binge drinking. Every evening Belware would stagger into Sarafina’s bedchamber, hump her briefly and pass out on the bed, on the floor and from time to time on top of the frail Sarafina (who was less than half his size.) After a few weeks Sarafina attempted to avoid Belware, using Beatrice as a messenger to deliver unreasonable excuses that escalated into outright lies. Frustrated by the girls, Belware went on a tirade where he vowed to “take care of” Sarafina as he had his previous wives.

As revolted as Sarafina was by the idea of bearing Belware’s children, she also feared becoming yet another dead wife. Together the girls hatched a plan. Disguised with a blond wig to cover her dark hair, Beatrice “took one for the team” and endured Belware’s visits until Sarafina anounced that she was pregnant. Over the next 9 months a poor charade ensued that did not attempt to fool anyone other than the drunk Belware that Beatrice in a blond wig was the pregnant Sarafina. In time Beatrice gave birth to twins (a boy and a girl) then took off her wig and became “nanny Bee.”

Moving forward 4 years Belware developed a liver disease which put and end to his nightly drunken bindge. Sober after a decade, Belware began to question why his children had dark hair, dark eyes, and spent more time with “nanny Bee” than with their mother. Matters got worse when Sarafina became pregnant (not by Belware) and spent every moment in wretching sickness that did not occur while Beatrice was pregnant with the twins.

Harboring resentment from the lack of affection from her “children”, fear from the ever more distrustful Belware, Sarafina grew more and more bitter with Beatrice. Finally, after 74 sleep deprived hours, Sarafina had a screaming fit where she fired “nanny Bee” and cast her out of the castle. Suddenly the 20-year old Beatrice was alone on the streets of Restov, having never spent a day on her own. Beatrice wandered from tavern to tavern, found one drunk after another, and using years of experience manipulating and lying to Belware into a new career as a shill, luring victims into a local tavern where they would drink themselves into a penniless stupor. Her previous life behind her, Trixie was reborn. Displaying a natural talent to influence other people into harms way, while talking herself out of trouble, Trixie had actually developed a sweet gig. But one afternoon while at the dressmakers, Trixie saw her two children walking with Sarafina and the castle guards. That was the moment that Trixie decided she needed to gain stature and power enough to take back her children.

When Trixie heard the town crier announce the chance to lead a team of adventurers to the south to reclaim lands from the bandits, she saw the day that she would return to CITY1 and reclaim her children from Sarafina. Pressed for time by the rumors of Belware’s failing health, Trixie talked to the capable adventurers she had met over the months, and talked her way into a charter to explore the Greenbelt.


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