Ezekial Grom

Summoner [Garrett] - deceased


Summoner, of the serptine form. Charismatic and appointed Grand Diplomat. (See Bio for description.)

Ezekial Grom is of average height for a human at 6’. Though scrawny, he is shrewed and chrismatic. Being Grand Diplomat he is always willing to negotiate. When words fail him, or his party is in peril, he resorts to his deftness at summoning, primarily his eidolon, EdII, to dish out the duly needed justice. EdII was researched through a discovered notebook left long ago by an ancient summoner named Ronoh Straeh. Upon this alter of blood laid a tome depicting the ritual required to call forth an Eidolon. Because Ronoh Straeh’s notes were followed so closely, elements of the previous summoned eidolon, Ed, were imbued within the newly formed eidolon, EdII; something like that of a descendant. Having helped Trixie forge a new kingdom within so much strife, Ezekial Grom has since surpassed the notes left by the great Straeh. Having used the final scribblings depicting a theory of moon cycles, and bloody runes, Ezekial returned to the alter through the rift in the swamp to prove Straeh’s theories to be correct. A few weeks later Ezekial and EdII emerged from the swamps tired but triumphant. Grom looks about the same: handsome and swave but with a look of defiance and mischief in his eye. While behind him lumbers a large serpent. Dripping with ooze, and jutting, giant fangs, this creature looks deep within your eyes, perhaps even your soul. You hope his appetite didn’t increase with his size. His scales, a swirl of dark emerald greens, almost seem to be made of a good dwarven steel. His muscles rippling, he opens his mouth, from which he quaintly asks “It’sss good to sssee you again!” a hint of amusement glittering in his eye. Suddenly you realize you are in no immediate danger and a laugh emits from your worry. Ezekial succeeded in his ritual, meleers beware.

Ezekial Grom

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